GILES Fall Winter 2012

Romance, Darkness & Mistery

Giles Deacon style is defined as sexy, dark and humorous, I just would ad romantic because in some way to another you can see that in his collections. This close friend of Love’s editor and chief Katie Grand with who has collaborated in the styling of his shows. This 2012 he opened his show in a theatrical way, a model with a black feathered mask giving a mysterious start, all the girls where not in mask but their was a clear thematic in the collection: prints and fabrics that looked like burned, roses in as bow ties and in the dresses, the color grey and black, many dresses had Haute Couture feel and details. The styling of the girls reminds me to vampires giving that dark look that makes an interesting contrast that accentuates the romance of the dresses.. Characteristics that he has had in other collections, and proven successful because he has a rise in sales even during the crisis. I loved the collection, it makes you dream and think of some Jhonny Deep movies…..

Be Romantic,



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