Todd Lynn Fall Winter 2012

The Sleeve Glove

To close the day I leave you with what is very original accessory present in Todd Lynn’s Fall Winter Collection (The Sleeve Glove) I have seen many long sleeves but none so lone and actually with the opening in the hand there is something very sexy about that, what they say sometimes just showing a little is more seductive than all the way, and yes it is. Also quite futuristic, in general Lynn’s styling reminded me a little bit of Star Treck ( A little! not a lot, but you can feel it in the lines and the hair…) In any case I think I would like a pair next season, you?? As for Lynn he is said to be the Rock n’Rolls elite designer he has just designed some clothes for Bono, Mick Jagger and even Marilyn Manson, now I understand more the rapport with leather, I like it more šŸ™‚

Be Discrete,



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