Mulberry Fall Winter 2012

The Grizly, Flowers and the leather Dress

I have to confess when I think of Mulberry, I mainly think about leather bags, very nice ones indeed, so I don’t have an objective eye on Pret-a-Porter, I just pass on to you the looks that caught my interest. We star with the Grizli, Yeti coat, that must be the primal piece since it was the opening piece and the one that closed in a way with wonderful Hane-Gaby ( who I adore), it is a little too much and well I will let you decide on that one. But the flowered satin-semi transparent fabric flowered dress is really beautiful, that futuristic cut with that old looking print is really nice and finally the leather dress, that is one of the few pieces that had leather and has an amazing sexy cut. So here you have one first look of the collection if you want to take a fool look go here. And Guess who was in the show?? My favorite singer of the moment and the whole fashion scene: Lana del Rey!.

Be Warm,



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