Luke Brooks Fall Winter 2012

Recurring Question

Why? this is a very recurring question when it comes to Fashion or Art in that case, Why? did they do that or this? And one is always ready to judge when one asks, like Why? did Marc Jacobs presented a collection with Dr. Seuss hats? or Luke Brooks puts hair in the shoes? The answer? Because they want to, and that is beautiful and what fashion is all about, there is taste for everyone, yes there are collections that are obviously superb to the eye, any eye (Ion Fizz, Christophe Josse, Hanibal Laguna) and others that maybe are more alternative but someone out there will (Lady Gaga) will think is amazing, the press will talk and you get famous! So everything is possible and likable at the end.  In any case wether I would think I wear it or not, I found Luke Brooks (Designer present on the Central Saint Martin’s Fall Winter 2012 show) collection fun and really creative and I am sure some pieces will be a success, maybe this 2012 in London the rings hat may sell out ;).

Be Different,



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