Jena Theo Fall Winter 2012


In the last years and specially 201-2011 we have been a rise on prints inside fashion, from very elaborate designs like Mary Katranzou to simple art touches that link fashion and art. Jena Theo 2012 Fall Winter Collection gave us very simple through the make up (the faces of the girls where slightly touched with paintings, they look as part of the whole piece of clothing). The idea of using the clothes as the canvas and finishing on the make up of the girls, just beautiful. I rally loved the tunic/dresses a nice must for the season to come. Jenny Theo is another brand born on the collaboration of two people who met at school Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis,one was an international retail buyer and the other a freelance designer, their contrasting backgrounds (british and greek) are the core of the brand’s success, playing with silhouettes, shapes, volumes and now fabric design as artist O.Two joined the team to work on the hand painted themes of the fabrics, you can see his work in this collection.

Be Contrasting,



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