Clements Ribeiro Fall Winter 2012

Red Accent

It is true that red is the popular color for cleaning the house gloves, yes that is not very fashionable, but I do believe is  great color to accentuate your looks this winter, many times we ha have dark colored clothes and this red accent will ad a touch or originality and when rightly used one of elegance also. Here are some looks from Clements Ribeiro Fall Winter 2012 presentation held at the London Fashion Week. The story of Clements and Ribeiro is one of Love, Business and Fashion. Suzanne Clemmens and Inacio Ribeiro met at Central Saint Martin’s College where they not only fell i love they decided to create their own collection. Suzzane is british and Inacio brazilian, two facts you can see in the collections and becomes a unique trademark. They established their brand in the 90’s and now are famous for their innovative use of color, prints and rediscovering scottish cashmere. Their success in this last point permitted them to create their men’s and baby line, which are very successful also. Beyond their brand they have collaborated with brands like Jimmy Choo, Louboutin and Manolo Blanhik and have endorsed big celebrities like Adele, Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Ewan McGregor , just to name a few. This is just an example of what love and fashion can do together :), mmm…. I want a story like that :).

Be in Love



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