John Rocha Fall Winter 2012

Wild Beautiful Witches

John Rocha is a Chinese-Portuguese  fashion designer based in Ireland (close friend of Bono) but has been presenting the last years his collection at the London Fashion week . I confess I did not know him before today, but I LOVED his collection and his past work, which you can check out in his site. Black is a fundamental color in his collections but always with a romantic touch. This season his collection presented beautiful models with witchy looks, carrying mainly black and dark colored dresses, mixing heavy fabrics(Fur/wool) with light ones (chiffon), which as you will have observed from Berlin, Madrid, New York and now London it is a trend, another trend I am seeing in New York and London? Flat Shoes, big names like Alexander Wang have put them in the runway and in this second day of London many of the presentations presented flat shoes (this is good news for those like myself that need help to walt with heels higher than 8 cm 🙂 ) and run around the city and still want to look chick :). As a last note and as you will see in future London post, definitely there is a distinctive creative touch in this city, weather is the cut, the print or the mixture of fabrics some designers definitely go out of the mold but differently from before they are wearable :).

Be Witchy,



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  1. Looks beautiful, I especially love the one with messy threads, very sexy and dark! I’m curious, how do you get to attend all these shows?? You are so lucky!

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