Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2012

The Great Gatsby

There are movie that influence fashion in a very strong way, almost like a before and after. One of this movies is the Great Gatsby , the original version launched in 1974 where Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, this adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola in the novel of of Scott Fitzgerald , did have an impact in hollywood but I think it’s real mark was in fashion, the amazing costume design of the movie gave life to the glamorous lifestyle of Jay Gatsby in the 1920’s. By the end of this year the updated version will be released starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carrey Mulligan & Tobey McGuire, chances are it may have similar impact as the first one. For the moment we see that fashion is taking its lead with 1920’s inspired collections that started last October in the Fall Winter presentations (Gucci for example), but in the heart of the nation of the Great Gatsby Ralph Lauren takes the lead with his Fall Winter collection inspired in the times that completely reminds me of the movie. The Tailored men suits for women and the glamourous dresses, the black , the gold a timeless elegance a la Ralph. I have a feeling there will be many opportunities of brand placement through clothes in the movie, we will have to wait to December 25th to see, there is still no official trailer to see! But I will keep you posted.

Be Wonderful,



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