Prabal Gurung Fall winter 2012

From Kathmandu to New York

I have to confess that I have never heard of Prabal Gurung before today, one gets so attached to the most established designers the one passes by the new talents ( It is not our fault no matter what international magazine you open it is like the G20 of fashion all the time (YSL, Givenchy and Tisci, Chanel, Balenciaga, etc.. you know them) that they don’t always share these very talented designers in the four corners of the world. Thanks to the internet and curiosity this is changing and we discover more and more, hopefully my blog and new magazine will be your ticket to the most various fashion destinations. Going back to Mr. Gurung, his brand is relatively new, he has started showing his collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week since 2011, this collection would be his 7th season, yet he has had a very rich career in many countries, starting in India where he studied design and worked with the amazing Manish Arora ( I can see the influence in his designs, specially the blues and some materials not only in this collection but previous ones), the went to Melbourne where he worked for magazines and finally moved to New York to intern in Donna Karan, work in the the design studio of Cynthia Rowley to finish as Design Director of Bill Blass before launching his own line. These experiences where core training for him not only in design bur also in business when it comes to this fast paced competitive world. What I love in his style is that his origins are evident in his designs through the colors , details and embroidery but perfectly adapted to the real life of women, they are not to much, just a touch of extravagance to stand out in an elegant way. Of course you see the NY lifestyle in his clothes that he blended perfectly with his personal details.

Be Experienced,


Yavidan V.

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