Marc Jacobs Fall Winter SS 2012

Dr Seuss, Leperchons ?

You know I LOVE Marc Jacobs, I think he is cool a fashion and marketing genius and one of the most charismatic guys in this industry, but I can’t say I like this last collection, I don’t know what happened, the hats (Dr. Seuss  Hats) distract any attention you can actually give to the clothes, not in a good way, and the shoes as original as they are they made the looks non feminine at all, again this could be a styling thing, because some of the dresses are very nice, I am sure as a big star wears them with 15 inch Louboutains’ everything will be fine. It is a big contrast to the beautiful collections we have been seeing all week from Wang to Karan, maybe that was they idea go against the tide. No matter what  I have to accept that the last black dress worn by Daphne Groenveld is beautiful, just we have to take of that hat and shoes!! We will see what it gives for the season inside the magazines, it may all turn out better.



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