Hurricanes & Butterflies

Emanuele d’Angelo

Emanuele d’Angelo is a very talented photographer I have come cross in different fashion weeks from Paris to Berlin, he just started his own on line fashion magazine Living Cool where he gathers very cool articles on fashion, art and lifestyle, besides that he has a very cool blog where he shares those unique moments he shares from fashion week ( I identify in that part of his work) but he also shares travels and more, so you may see some candids snap shots of the best models, editors and fashion shows, his blog is called Butterflies and Hurricanes, go take a look you will love it. But if you are in Rome the 28th of Febraruar you can go directly to  SUBLIME Art and Brand Contemporary Gallery, Via Giulia 143, Rome, Italy around 7pm and see the pictures live with Emanuele himself to tell you about them. Good plan!

Be Candid



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