Aristocrazy Fall Winter 2012 – 2013

Pure Gold

Aristocrazy is one of the “it” jewelry brands in Spain, loved by many personalities and co-owned by the handsome son of Naty Abascal, has developed a lot in the last years. This season they presented a very original show (the first on I have seen on the gender of accessories), I thought it was really original and beautiful, it makes me think why not some shoes, bags and accessory lines have done this? I would love to see a Laboutin-Zannotti fashion show…you? while you thihk on that one a big congratulations to Aristocrazy for the beautiful show. This photo unfortunately is not mine is Aldo’s an excellent photographer of Spanish Fashion I met during the shows, this is his site.

Be Aristocratic,



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  1. Sensacional! Show de jóia, quando usada é o destaque, a roupa passa a ser tela de fundo. Parabéns!

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