Maria Barros FW 2011 – 2012

Stylish Grand-mas

Sometimes I need some reflection to understand what makes some designers chose a certain make up or hair for their fashion shows, is it something they think long before as they sometimes make their collection or they just do it last minute? After having the opportunity to see different show in the world I can say it is something not to be taken lightly, because it can enhance or dull your collection, it can make it more elegant, fun, original or dull, boring with out interest and sometimes incoherent. You may ask why did I get to this reflection? In todays shows, Maria Barros presented her collection with models all with white-silver colored wigs, yes I don’t deny it is original, but is it a message you want give or does it match your target customer? I don’t know I will let you decide. In the meantime I chose my favorite look at the collection where maybe having grey hair was to match your dress and then it would have more sense? The collection was better than the wigs, you will see soon and decide if it is true:).



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