David Delfin Fall Winter 2012 – 2013

Black, White & Golden Zippers

David Delfin is one of the youngest designers (from the established ones) that is really loved in Spain, by people and celebrities is always as I hear one of the most awaited shows each season during Madrid’s fashion week. The setting of the show was quite original as it looked as a road in the middle of construction, the models who kept a fast pace and the lights that moved all over the room gave the show a young-fast feeling. The youthful collection played it safe bur original looking at Delfin’s present situation in the crisis, with pieces in basic colors like black, white and blue marine with golden details given by the zippers. Always keeping the simetric lines that are his trademark. The catwalk ended with a unique mini concert with famous spanish celebrities : Alaska y Dinarama, Bimba Bose (niece of  one of spain’s most famous singers Miguel Bose) and Mario Vaquerizo that put the audience to dance with the song Absolutamente (Absolutely).

Be Awaited,



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