Miguel Palacios FW 2012 – 2013

Beautiful Rebound

It has been a long time I have not shared a fashion moment with you, I have been really focused on the collections in a way. Because this happened in front of me I share it with you, at the Miguel Palacios show held today, the beautiful model twisted there ankle and fell on the floor, I was amazed at her very graceful beautiful rebound and professionalism as she took her last look heads up even though she had the pain, you could see it. I loved how she sweetly took the shoes by the hand and but them in her back. A Beautiful Rebound. I will tell you more about Palacios very soon, he is one of the most respected designers in Spain and famous for the unique handcraft in his designs and very high quality materials that make his collection one of the most luxurious in the country, followed by famous socialites and royalty. Today he was one of my favorite collections, stay tuned to know why in the meanwhile, lets take example from the model, you may fall in one of the most difficult situations, but you can always get up with grace, take the dust off and keep the head up to follow our path.

Be Courageous



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