Juanjo Oliva Fall Winter 2012 – 2013

Femenina Elegante

I have to confess that before coming to Madrid I did not know a lot about spanish designers, I came to really discover, which is good in a way because I did not have precise expectations, yet I had a feeling I was going to be nicely surprised, and I was right ;). One of the shows I was quite curious about since it is one of the preferred designers in Spain was Juanjo Oliva, known for this feminine and sexy style, he combines texture, transparency and subtle ruffles to in the skirts and bottoms of coats, to give us a signature look under his name. For the moment I give you this dress that in many ways shows his style and the finale picture which I loved, it looks like Class of 2012 :). A little confession to make, I adored the shoes with the heel the needle heel, you will see also some nice pictures of those soon.

Be Transparent,

Amor de Madrid,


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