Jesus Del Pozo FW 2012 – 2013

Golden Inspiration

Here is my first day of shows at Madrid and the  post of the catwalk of Jesus del Pozo. Here you have what all the fittings gave as a result, a beautiful collection. As I mentioned yesterday you can feel the different codes of the Jesus del Pozo’s designs, in one side the different volumes and lengths, the use of different textures and materials that make contrast with each other, light fabrics like organza mixed with wool, colors tat are very defined that compliment each other. This collection had a golden theme, in one part in the fabrics itself and in others as a touch, some of the knits where painted with gold to give a feeling of a textured painting, as well as in the shoes. Lastly the construction of certain pieces is so complicated but it looks so perfect one would think it is simple . It was really a pleasure to have had the opportunity to see the day before and after what happened. The product of team work, creativity, heritage and love. A special thanks to Maria the Communications Director of Jesus del Pozo for the opportunity.




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