Didit Hediprasetyo HHaute Couture SS 2012

The Indian Bride

Here is my other new discovery of the season Didit Hediprasetyo, held at the sumptuous Crillon hotel, Didit’s show took us to a trip to the Orient, through that music, his designs and the voluminous-elegant turbans. For what I have seen of Didit’s work he creates collections with unique volumes, drapes and materials (in a future post I will show you my favorite, the exotic leather dress, soooo amazing). In the meantime I want to leave you wit the Indian Bride, so soft, romantic and use exotic, the feathers give it a very subtle-elegant touch, that can give you a good idea of the inspiration of the collection. I to love to discover young designers like Didit and I hope he has all the success. In the meantime.

Be Subtle,



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