Basil Soda Haute Couture ss 2012 : The Bride

Between light & shadow

Here is the first post of my series of posts of the wedding dresses at this las Haute Couture Week SS 2012, I was going to do a global post but I decided it was such a special moment for each designer that I wanted to give one post to each. I start with Basil Soda because I love this designer and I have not been able to post, so I start with his best :). I have to confess something it is my mom who told me, where are the Brides on your posts? I always put a picture but it is true I don’t always give them the highlight point I just add them as a a finale, so accepting in one side, yes they are the most important part and also give her pleasure, here we go. Going back to Basil Soda, this season’s show was held at the Couvent de Cordeliers many designers like to make their show here from Paul Smith to Giambatista Valli, and the reason is that the place is so unique in arquitecture and lighting, here in the photos you can see that there is always a shadow and light moment that gives the show personality. Basil Soda wanted in this collection stay with the nature theme of his last seasons calling this one Nature Under the Microscope, the shapes close to the body, the details on the clothes and golden accessories, all these things you will see them in the next posts. In the mean time I leave you with this amazing wedding dress.

Be Merry



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  1. If designer wear could be afforded by everybody, it would lose its exclusivity. Part of the reason why we ogle at even the smallest thing that carries a designer label is because we automatically assume it to be made from the highest quality materials. We wouldn’t talk about a t-shirt that can be bought from the local supermarket as anything great, but a comment about a Versace t-shirt is made differently. Ready to Wear designer clothes are not the end all of fashion. In fact that is the collection you are likely to find at a high end store close to you. Much more exclusive and expensive than that, is something called Haute Couture, which can be compared to a Faberge egg- in terms of beauty, finesse, quality and of course the price.

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