24 Museum – Francesco Vezzoli

A Prada Project

Prada seems to have a 24/7 innovation bug in her, while she plans star studded fashion shows in Milan she also plans unedited art exhibitions in Paris. This las Haute Couture week in collaboration with Oma at Iena she sponsored the 24 hour exhibition of Francesco Vezzoli. his unique view of feminity mixed with the love to his mother (all those eyes you see in the statues are of her) where the core theme. This event was just after the Valentino show and it practically closed the week, Carine Rothfield was there among many other important personalities in fashion. Even though I don’t always understand contemporary art, I think the concept is original and sweet, a unique way to express tho italian love for women and mothers. Let’s see what is next in Miuccia’s innovation list.

Be Unedited ,



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