On Aura Tout Vu Haute Couture SS 2012

Baby Light my Fire

On Aura Tout vu, is one of the most creative shows during the Haute Couture week in Paris, their unlimited imagination take us to a fantasy trip to OATV world, were  the only certain thing is that we will be surprised, (gladly surprised). This season the theme was High Light Fire, a very accurate theme for this year (We just got into the year of the Dragon) and it is a year to follow your inner fire :). As always they perfectly transported the theme into the show, first with a beautiful model starting with a barbecue fire and finishing up with a Smokey bride, all to the related music with the words fire and burn inside the lyrics, finishing with Baby Light my Fire…. brilliant. Also they have proven their ability to take the concept to the clothes, through their colors, prints and textures, using their theatrical touch.My favorite touch? That finale were they go out with their team, I really believe all designers should do that once in a while, all these would not be possible without team work. An comparing last season I have to give them a star because everything was so well organized ;).

Light your Fire,



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