Karl Lagerfeld and Net-a-Porter

World Exclusive

Yestreday online retail revolutionarie Nathalie Massenet and fashion viosionnaire Karl Lagerfeld pressed the button (not just literally) to start one of the most innovative marketing.online.sales operations yet. As compliment of the new lines of Karl Lagerfeld (Karl, KGB: Karl for Girls and Boys) and upscale Karl Lagerfeld) he decided to team up with fashion retail wonderland Net-a-Porter, to sell exclusively the whole line for a month a certain dress (the one in the pictures) at Net-a-Porter. To announce the world this operation they decided to launch the sale  in 5 cities  simultaneously (Paris, New York, London, Berlin and Sidney). Of course the heart of the operation is Paris at 4:30 sharp (strategic time for getting the LA customers and Japan also) . In the photos you will see the special collection Karl made for the NAP and my favorite bag, I would definitely would like one of those. I will soon make a special post on Nathalie Massenet a close friend told me her story and it is really inspiring, till then :). To finish please, please watch this promotion on the site of the whole thing.

Be a visionnaire



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