Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture ss 2012

Gold and Chic

Alexandre Vauthier is of my favorite designers in Haute Couture because of his very simple yet sexy style. He has a unique way of cutting the clothes to sublime the body and make you  feel like a star. He slightly retro style of the 70’s mixed with his 21st century sophistication make a unique trademark to him. This collection was mono colored with amazing golden accents that gave the finishing touch to his dresses. Another thing I loved is the stage, the neon lights in a simple way gave an excellent frame to the show, like with Julien Fournie, sometimes this simple concepts frame and sublime the show in a smart way, after being in Berlin that is so simple and is missing that touch I find it Soooo important. I apologize for the photos! I did not have an invitation and came last minute, between trying to find the right spot and trying to fix my camera I could not take the pictures I wanted but please do go to Alexander Vauthier’s site because it is simply Beautiful!! Hopefully next season I will give you an amazing post.

Be Sexy



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