Augustin Teboul FW 2012

The Girl in the Elevator

Augustin Teboul, is the the duo formed by German Annelle Augustin and French Odely Teboul, through their unique designs in all in black but handcrafted in a sophisticated way, they are now one of the most sought after brands in the german scene. Their surreal femenity, couture finish and unique presentations are paving the way for international recognition. As for their presentation here is a first hint that stroke me, as their presentation was held in a gallery in the center of Berlin, they had all the models in different parts of the place playing a “role’, here is one that stroke me the most, a melancholic girl alone in an elevator. More than just showing you clothes it is can inspire you to create a chic story, letting the imagination of the guests create their own, she is just the first step.

Be unique



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