Costume National SS 2012

Stepping into your dreams

I am sorry for the absence, the beginning of the year is always a little hectic, specially when you are between to continents!!. I chose this picture because I like the energy in the walk, the holidays are a time to rest but as the year beggins we have to give our steps (in life) more passion, intensity and of course love. In the beginning of the year we have maybe made our self-exam on what we did and we did not do last year and we take the opportunity to take a blanc page to write a whole new story (it does not have to be new year to do that ;)) but it is a good opportunity. And as the year enters we want to take that information and use it not to keep resolutions but, but to make dreams happen ;). This year the adventure will get bigger, the blog format and partner to a big baby sister, so there is a lot to do. But don’t worry I will keep you posted. In the mean time I send you all the good vibes for your dreams, get to work, have faith and know that anything is possible as long as you really believe.

Dream, Beleive and Make it happen.



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