The Karl Lagerfeld Doll


By now you must think my blog is sponsored by Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld, 3 posts in one week!! The truth is that this last days he is everywhere!! and this pictures of the window dedicated to Karl in Printelps Paris explain it to perfection. He does everything : fashion, music, photo, coca cola bottles, collaborations with Hogan, safe boxes and VW commercials, if he makes a partenership wih a top chef in a restaurant I think he would go over the limit. but truth is this man in all his multi-factes has prooved himself as a creative genius, recently Didier Grumbach quoted tha Parisian fashion would not be as strong as it is, if they where not guys like Karl Lagerfeld that dazzles us every time he steps foot in the Grand Palais, he has earned his way to be every where.

Be Everywhere



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