Chanel Pre-Fall 2012/2013 Paris Bombay Man

When I look at the Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel men’s collection I think of Coco Chanel, would she agree? would she design something similar? Is this her vision of the Chanel man? if she had any. I have always seen Coco Chanel as a “revolutionaire” of women’s fashion, liberating women of her time with elegance and comfort. This pieces are part of the capsule chanel collection Paris Bombay which is mainly for women but the men’s pieces helped to pass the message thru. The recent collection shown last week in Paris, was inspired on the english colonialism of India. Which  I think is a concept between marketing and creativity. India among other emerging countries like Brasil, China and Russia are storming the luxury brands, so this is a very commercial-creative way to approach them, and I can see some gentlemen from the Tiger country wearing some of these items. Maybe these is a trial to address both men and India. To be continued… 



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