Chanel ss 2012 : The Finale

A moment for Karl

 As you know Karl Lagerfeld is one of my favorite people in this bubble of fashion. Apart of being the head of Chanel he is behind all kind of creative collaborations (from Coca-cola to Hogan). Between all these creations he rarely smiles, but at the end of his Chanel shows he just comes out proud, happy and smiling! (check picture number 2, it is oficially a smile, because he normally has this expression). I completely understand like a proud mother he gives birth to a beatiful collection in a beautiful scenario created by himself (he has put giant lions, re-created la place Vêndome, a Marine world, a carrousel, the list can just go on) an experience that can put a smile to anyone. Coming to the real world I think whatever you create from your heart and talent will bring a smile in your face and very probably on those people you share it with.

Create & Smile



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