Paris Fashion Week SS 2012 : Hamish Bowles

The Authentic Dandy

There are some people you see during fashion week that simply strike you, there is something about them, the way they dress and their personality. Hamish Bowels is one of them, the way he dressed, his gracefulness and that british touch, when I started with all of these I did not know who he was, he even was in some pictures by accident (check here). After seeing him so may times I go intrigued and I found out he is The european Editor at Large of Vogue, you will see him in from row at almost every show, and what I love about him is that he goes to EVERY show, big or small and not many or any Editor I see on fashion will do that. Besides being an editor he has contributes in important fashion books, is a lecturer in major fashion schools around the world (One actually titled The Dandy), he has an important collection of Haute Couture Clothes that he has lent to important museums and even appeard in Cameo in Sofia Coppola’s Maria Antoinette movie and even sang at an X-Factor audion!

Stand Out



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  1. What a wonderful man, I just love how you say he is at all the shows big and small.
    Funny how you discovered him….those shots of him randomly popping up (or so you thought) in the background of shots made me laugh.

    Thanks Yavidan great to have discovered your blog……fabulous pics
    Carla x

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