Walter Steiger SS 2012

The new “Forme”

I am very excited about this post for several reasons. The First it marks my come back to Paris, Second because it is about my favorite shoe creator, I consider  it “parrain” of my blog because thanks to their support (special thanks to Céline!) I have built my blog. The day I met Celine I was doing  a post for someone else and this did not work very well and I decided to make my own blog (why let others tell you what and how to write if you have your own vision). So it was a tipping point for me. Since then we have kept great contact and she has lent me the shoes to make my project Shoes in Paris, all this is a great support for someone who is starting and a great motivation. Today I am very happy because I have 50,000 people who have read my blog, I know it is not much comparing other blogs but it is amazing because at the end of the day people read up every day and that is the biggest motivation. But it all started with the little push of people like Céline.  So very excited I went last week to their show room to see their preview ss 2012 collection, simply beautiful and very Walter Steiger getting his core inspiration from a shape that you see in most of the shoes, a slimmer version of the rounded heel he developed in the last seaon, that gives a finer silouethe to the shoe and of course will make legs look amazing (what else do we want 🙂 ).  He used some silk printed fabric on some of the shoes that give it an ultra femenine spring look to be combined with matching bags and did python on lighter colors to have hyper luxe touch. This visit was very interesting because I saw how journalists and fashion editors did their “shopping” to see  how they feature the shoes in their magazines, a very important moment for them indeed!, I would love to do that some day!. A beautiful collection indeed that will make many  of us smile this spring.

be Happy



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