Paris I Love you


I meant to write this post the 11th of November, I know it is a little late, but it is better than never and quite important to me. The 11th of November is a very important date for me (No, not because it is a french holiday!) because it was the 11th of November 2005 that I first step in Paris. That day my life changed, like those people who meet someone that changes their life, Paris changed the course of mine. I fell in love with the city and decided it was logical to once in your life live in such a city 5I lived in Tijuana in the moment). I thought I would come a year and 5 have passed with so many amazing encounters, friends smiles, some tears, some rain, some baguettes, greves, champagne and many things. I came with the dream of doing something in fashion, and I could not succeed the normal way, study a master get a job in the industry, beleive me I tried; but destiny has its ways and whys, doing this blog has been one of the most beautiful gifts I could have had. I started when I had no job or any idea what I would do with my life, I did not know anything about cameras or fashion shows (yes I say pictures and fashion tv, but….) and one day it all began. Today thanks to this little blog, helping hands and miracles, I have been closer to the heart of fashion than if I did have a job in the industry working for a brand, I have seen almost all the shows of the designers I grew up admiring and discovered my passion and hopefully talent to document moments, to share with you a little of what goes on in this crazy/magical world, make you laugh, dream and hopefully beleive that everything is possible in life. Since that 11/11/2005, I have been alibi in that, so please beleive in those crazy dreams you have, take big or little steps with heart and know that the rest is taken care of. Thank you sharing this journey with me.

I love you



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