Martin Margiela Spring Summer 2012


This collection and photos from Martin Margiela’s Spring Summer 2012 show, explain in some way my life in the moment (between Istanbul and Paris), a few months ago I wrote about the fact I was leaving Paris for Istanbul and now I am going back, inspired, stronger and ready to make some dreams come true, meeting new excting people and taking you along the ride. This the first show I attended of Margiela, I have to confess I just came to know this designer while doing my master, the main characteristic being the brand with no logo, yet those who know the brand recognize it. He is the most “famous” secretive designer (the misterious aspect of the girls makes sense), he does not let himself be photographed or gives direct interviews, yet his work is highly acclaimed by the international press. After having the opportunity to see his first collection I understand why, in his simplicity it is timeless and original at some point intriguing, you want to know the story behind the collection, but it is not sure we will know more, a little like a dream, that is what makes Margiela – Margiela.

Be Intriguing



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