Louis Vuitton FW 2011

The Perfect Look

There is a point on your fashion week life that you see a look, a person, a style, where you say “I want that”, she is not size 0 or has the body of a 14 year old girl, she is normal and has amazing style, you don’t want her shoes or bag, you want everything in your size, and you know it might just fit, without looking ridiculous. At the end of the Louis Vuitton ss 2012 show I saw this woman come out (I regret not asking who she is) dressed from head to toe in Luis Vuitton FW 2011, practically a runway look, and carries it perfectly, even the chilli tatoo on her ankle goes perfect. So real women can look great in runway clothes, I am ready for them 🙂 Violeta Purple Style!.

Be Simply Amazing



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  1. Blanckenhagen Elsaine that is her name . She is a brazilian woman who loves fashion and style . You can see her in Germany , Londres , or ….. Paris of course !!!!!! especially at the vuiiton fashion show .who is her favorite brand

    • Yes i must say that besides she is very stylish, and one of the biggest fan of Marc Jacob’s Louis Vuitton designs, she is so sweet, smily, polite and such a good person. She gave me during this fashion week a beautiful red Plaza Atheneé umbrella for gift. She is our LV diva!!!

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