Chanel SS 2012

Marine Chic

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Fashionable Adventure. I will make a special post for that because it really means a lot to me, a year ago my life changed :), but I will tell you later, now is the moment for Chanel. This morning at the prominent Grand Palais maestro Lagerfeld put his genius mind to work to create a unique underwater universe to take us on a very Chic journey. The models came out of a giant Shell with pearls in their heads and walked inside the sea between white corals and fish, all to the music of the french pop singer Florence. Yes the set was Amazing but the collection was the same, with white and cream as a main color and creative interpretations of Coco’s trademarks (tweed, dresses, the jacket, pearls) he revamped to spring all this pieces. In future posts I will pass you all the details of the show and the people who where there. In the mean time :

Be Amazed,



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