Viktor & Rolf SS 2012



Here is the first post live from Paris, warm as sunny as ever!!!. Thanks to the one and only famous Miracle Man, I got in the show I have been expecting for a loooooong time, Viktor and Rolf are one of my favorites as you have seen in previous posts, and the principal reason is: their unique capability to really surprise with their shows and their creations. I was lucky this was no exception, with an amazing beginning, 2 giant dresses worn by a duo of singers, the models came out from the bottom part of the dress, astonishing. The collection itself carried many of Viktor and Rolfs’ trademarks (ruffles, bows, ribbon, spirals) all interpreted in a very beautiful wearable collection, more than the usual show like collections. I loved the presence of spirals in the shapes of the dresses, the belts and even the brocade effect of certains fabrics, I would love one or two of those. A funny thinn in the show, I really want to apologize to  Constanza Pascolato from Vogue Brazil ( I hit, without meaning to!, her head with my camera bag!! I hope she does not hate me :)). This post is for Marzena one of the best editors in Turkey :).

Be surprising



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