Mario Testino Tribute

The Latin Eye of Fashion

This Peruvian photographer Mario Testino  that once wanted to become a priest, had pink hair and worked as a waiter in London as well as sleeping on a hospital floor through his studies is one of the biggest photographers today. The personal choice of Royalty in fashion and outside. Commissioned to take the pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Diana herself and Prince Albert. Photographer of the world leading campaigns (Versace, Burberry, Lancome), of celebrities like Madonna, Kate Winslet, Brand Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and one of the best friends of Kate Moss, he even did a book about it. He loves Brasil, he has a collection of books that take you on a sexy ride of Copa Cabana and Rio de Janeiro and between all that you will find him in front row of the most important shows, where I met him one, i even have a picture with him ( maybe one day I will post it :), I just can tell you is one of the reasons I decided to change my look. Yes, he is fashion royalty but also spends a lot of time and effort on charitable causes which I admire a lot, he does not forget where he came from and inspires others to do the same. I love this guy! Stay tuned for other posts.

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