Donna Karan SS 2012


I have to accept I am not in love with the idea of posting pictures that I have not taken, but I feel worse if I can’t post about something I love, so here is the good middle point, chosing those ones I like and mixing them my way. I really love Donna Karan’s designs I think she really thinks of women, their needs and their bodies, wether you are twenty of forty her dessigns will have a the right fit. Her dresses flatter you and distinguish you in an elegant femenine way. Also I love her bercause in the days I use to only dream about fashion, I had the campaign shot by Peter Lindbergh plastered on my wall between Versace and Gucci; as a last note I admire Donna herself a real powerful woman that has a spiritual side (meditates and practices yoga daily) and creates clothes for that powerful woman inside of us.

Be powerful,



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