Jason Wu SS 2012

Wu Chic

Here is a little collage of my favorite Jason Wu moments for SS 2012, I really became fond with Wu the moment I saw an interview on him on Net-a-Porter, at his young age this 29 year old he has such a sweet vision of life combined with talent. His fairy god mother is Michelle Obama, they where introduced by Vogue’s Editor at Large Andre Leon Talley. she bought 4 dresses that she wore in public in an interview with Barabra Walter’s and in the inaugurals ball night of president Barack Obama, a presidential launch for Wu’s career. This season he continues to please the sophisticated/femenine woman in all of us with a touch of 50’s glamour (I see some Mad Men there). I know I have mentioned Marc Jacobs a lot lately but I really see in Wu’s design some of Marc’s first designs but with a unique touch. I feel very happy to write about the rising stars of our generation that besides designing amazing clothes they are amazing people.



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