Alexander Wang SS 2012


* Photos from Heartychic

One of the goals of my fashion life is be in New York Fashion week, after Paris and Milan it is a must, specially with the rise of the new kinfgs of fashion, the next Marc Jacobs, well no one can be Marc Jacobs, but they can have a parallele impact in the world of style. Alexander Wang in one of the fashion charms  of the moment, loved and supported by Ana  Wintour; worn by stars. This 26 year old is leaving a track, between sporty chic or gala queen, he has something for all, he has many amazing designs for the next season, but I picked this dress, because I think real chocolate leather is the chicest of them all, and that dress is a new standars on what the leather mini dress can be with its color and patterns. I dedicate this post to all the young designers out there.




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