Issey Miyaki FW 2011

Origami Chic

 Issey Miyaki took his japanese origins to the catwalk. Before the show started with the sound of the piano some 2 men and 2 women came dressed in black with large pieces of paper and started to make an big origami-dress for two models, concentrated in a gentle way they finished their creations and the show began , as the material changed from paper to fabric the concept stayed, folded triangles, zig-zag shapes and bi-colored tones where the main theme. I love when a desiger is able to interpret his history in his designs, I was reading today an interview of Tom Ford his comments in Fashionising about the key element of creation “A good filmmaker, a good fashion designer, a good architect, a good anyone needs to have a sense of history. You need to understand where you came from” . Issey Miyaki in his FW collection is just the perfect example.

Make History



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