Vivienne Westwood

Punk Extraordinaire

Very few designers embody in such perfection the personality of what they create, Vivienne Westwood is one of them. Her red hair, her “british cool”, her “rockness-punkness”, sexiness, humor and last century allure are transmitted in the DNA of each and everyone of her collections. This fashion revolutionaire who is 71 and I deeply admired started her fashion adventure when she opened a store ( once called sex) with her husband at the time Malcolm McLaren who was the manager of major rockstars like the sex pistols for who she designed and got her “punk” inspiration.  From the beginning she has named her collections in original ways like: Clint Eastwood,  and like a painter she has passed through various “periods” always using the runway to express her ideas and convictions. That is why we love her, but let’s not forget an historical moment in fashion and many women around the world, the dress of Carrie Bradshaw when she was about to marry Mr. Big was designed by VW, a moment in fashion history ;).

Be revolutionaire



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