Viktor & Rolf

Fashion in Wonderland

If Alice in Wonderland lived in our world I think she would always be in the front row of Viktor and Rolf , you could imagine her fall in the rabbit hole  by wearing a coat saying wear me. She would arrive to a world upside down like their boutique in Milan and instead of the rabbit have Viktor and Rolf appear in a dandy look ready to guide her through fantastic fashion. And so they do guide journalists, buyers and fans in a unique world each and every season, weather it is models coming from a big mouth, models with red faces with sublime shapes, wearing violins, bed covers or metal masks, there are no rules in their world and that is what I adore about them, real creativity comes when you let loose your imagination and you ask the question What if I made this like….Instead of trying to comply to something or a self made limitation, that is true inspiration. I have made this post with love (you rarely see that many pictures, except hommage of McQueen) because people who break limitations and go all the way when they create something (fashion, paintings, buildings, food) they inspire my world and I hope yours.

Be limitless



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