Chanel Haute Couture FW 2011

The Veil

What best thing to follow the Coco Chanel post?…the Haute Couture Post! , I have been wanted to post this for such a long time, but… great things take time ;). I confess (I have so ,any!) I have not looked at the pictures again until today. When I saw the collection I was not so impressed, maybe it was the size of the place and the scenario that was so amazing (Coco Vendôme) that I did not pay attention and sometimes when you are focused on taking the pictures you are too concentrated to really notice everything. Now that I see ti again and I say I love it, starting with the Veil that gives the touch of mystery and elegance, but after every piece was uniquely handcrafted that had some of Chanel’s trademarks (camelias, broches, taylor suites) interpreted in a beautiful way. A big bravo again to Mr. Karl. He succeeds on keeping Coco’s legacy alive.

Be Mysterious



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