Coco Chanel

Creative Power

Lately I found in a magazine the picture of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (the first one in the post) and I have put it on my vision board that I have in the office, to inspire me and remind me of infinite possiblities. As someone who is looking to create her own thing (shoes) I really admire her story, an orphan french girl that used to wear pants when everybody wore corset dresses, yet was more elegant, who did not have the means to create her own collection but the vision to use her talent, ambition and connections (romantic and professional) to make it happen. That first picture definitely shows what she was made of “pure determination”. I dedicate this post to everybody out there trying to make their dreams happen, remember when you are very clear on what you want and have faith in the incredible “you” and the incredible “universe” you will just find the way to make them a reality.

Have a Vision



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