Peter Lindbergh

A tribute to a Master

Today I wanted to pay tribute to Lindbergh one of my favorite photographers, he is one of the few that succeeds to produce beauty in such a simple way, he does not need very extravagant sets, make up or color. His mastery: sublime the natural beauty of his subjects, the first (Supermodels) and last (Kate Moss) where taken in the nineties, both are a perfect example to make my point, there in no over glam in any, yet they convey the message of beauty in a way that is not done today. As you will see in the other pictures he has managed to keep his style wether is for fashion shoots or celebrities demonstrating glamour shines through an authentic natural personality. Not a long time I was talking to a friend about him and told me a friend of his was giving as a present to his wife and original PL photo (value 10K Euros), I don’t think I envy many material things but that particular gift is someone I would love to receive one day, or muuuuuch better being photographed by him…. I wonder which one has more probabilities?

Everything is possible, everything šŸ™‚



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