Bernard Willhelm SS 2012

Crazy Grounds

As I did the Ben Cobb post  I decided to go to my Bernard Willhelm files, I have not made a post on him yet. Just as a little note I am really happy because today I sent the post to Ben, because by mere coincidence I had the magazine of Another man besides me at the office, so I saw the mail and I did, he answered sweetly saying he liked the post, this things make your day :). Anyway going back to BW, this was my fist show and I really was excited because he is one of the most innovative designers not only for his creations but his shows, people with invitation where left outside. Here is a first pick, I wanted to show you the shoes first because here you get a clear idea, that this man is pure creativity, specially taking into account that many designers of men’s clothes don’t make a lot on effort on that department. Who can mix boots, sandals and sneakers??

Step into your crazyness,



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