Kenzo Men FW 2011

Color & Bubbles

The Kenzo show was a sweet surprise in the morning, a good way to wake up to a busy fashion show day. In the Carnot Highschool in the 17th district, Kenzo held the last show that Antonio Marras would produce as an artistic director, today they announced the new ones Humberto Leon and Carol Lim the minds behind Opening Ceremony. They are expected to shake up this iconic house to re-vamp it, to help it become as profitable as it once was. In the mean time business apart I can tell you that the little child in everybody (even the sharpest fashionista) was happy to see those bubbles come down, a little like Manish Arora‘s magician. We can say that it takes sometimes something to make something it’s extraordinary touch.

Bubbles & Love,



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  1. I wish I could’ve gone to this show, I love the clothes and the bubbles look so fun. Hope all is well with your move to Istanbul 🙂

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