Carmen Dell Orefice

Pure Grace

When I saw Carmen Dell Orefice for the first time I did not know who she was (then again the first time I photographed Olivia Palermo, I did not either, I just thought she was a pretty stylish girl). As I was hanging out before the Stephane Rolland show started, I see this amazing older woman come, as I try to guess who she is someone shouts Carmen! and I took the first picture, and I was awed, how can someone have so much grace and be so photogenic. Well Carmen  who just turned 80!! has the joy and spark of a 20 year old, no effort or pose just pure beauty that permeates from the inside out. As a side note, this show of Stephane Rolland was partly inspired by Carmen, and as you will see in my earlier posts, it is evident the inspiration went a long way.

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