Basil Soda Haute Couture FW 2011

Another View

One of the most rewarding things as a blogger when you are starting are that people recognize you and like your work and therefor welcome you. During this Haute Couture I did not have an invitation for Basil Soda’s Haute Couture show, I forgot to request it!! I went to the show and in the entrance as I gave my card the PR told me of course he remembers and no problem to go in, but that is not the nice part really it was when I said hello to Beadie (The business mind of the brand) and he remembered me and told me he loved my pictures, those little things make your day and your work. So here are some pictures I decided to take on a different view not the typical complete dress but the top playing with the lights and making mini portraits, I liked it because it has a dramatic allure and yet puts in advance the beauty of the dresses which had very nice details. Anyway don’t worry I will have the complete version too!

Be different



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