CHANEL Haute Couture FW 2011

Coco Vendome

When Miracle Man is absent you have to be determined to make your own Miracles happen following the good example :), I managed to enter this Chanel Haute Couture season’s show by my own ;), let’s call it divine providence for the moment. I am a little tired now, after preparing my move to Istanbul on Thursday, packing and trying to be in Fashion Week is not an easy thing, but when you have a passion and a opportunity to live it, being a little tired is a little price. As I leave Paris for a while I feel excited because of my new project and nostalgic because Paris is my love and inspiration and as someone you may love a lot I will miss her, I will be back often but love is love. What better way to say see you “real soon” than going to this show, which was amazing, held in the Grand Palais with a scenario that was the replica of The Place Vêndome with a little Coco Chanel in the top of the Column, simply beautiful. I had an amazing day but I will share it with you little by little, now I need some beauty rest to survive the last day of HC!

Be Miraculous



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